When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going!

Hello my friend,

This is a post meant to empower you and remind you that you do have power that you can tap into no matter how much you get knocked down.  

Let’s be honest, life is just plain tough. Anyone would agree with that because it just is.  The older you are the more “Life” experience you have.  For some, living the life they are in is almost unbearable.  I will be fifty soon and let me tell you, there have been times that the going has been tough, very tough.  So tough that I didn’t see how I was going to make it through at times, but here I am.  I made it and here is the thing, I became a better me.

There is that saying, “Different strokes for different folks.” and that is so true.”  People do things differently and people deal with things differently.  Some people just do not handle life well.  They get knocked down and they stay down there willingly.  They wallow in their suffering and have trouble seeing a way out.  I think because they are so focused on the situation that they don’t even look for a way out or they have been told for so long there is no way out and they have believed it and lost hope.

If you really think about it, life is tough for a good reason.  After all, if it was easy, what would we learn?  If it was easy, where would the challenge be?  Iron sharpens iron and as much as we hate going through tough times, we need them to sharpen us, to make us learn to be better at life.  Life is tough and it makes us tougher.

The unfortunate part to that is, some of us end up going through some things that no one should have to endure.  I didn’t deserve what I went through, but I set here knowing that I would never go back and change it.  Why?  Because it made me a better me and now I am able to help others that need a helping hand to get to the place I am now.  It made what I went through, worth it! God just has a way of doing that.  Making something good out of something bad.  

I was just reading a book by Les Brown and in his book “Live Your Dreams” he talked about a boy that was getting bullied at his school.  He said the bully would knock the boy down and then he would get right back up.  The bully would knock the boy down and again, he would get right back up.  Finally, the bully knocked the boy down and sat on him so he could not get back up.  The boy struggled to get up and couldn’t but he told the bully, “You can hold me down on the outside, but on the inside, I am standing up.”

When life knocks you down, don’t let it keep you there.  Like the boy knocked down by the bully, if life is holding you down and you can’t get up, stand up on the inside.  No matter what the circumstances are around us, we can choose something different on the inside.  We can look past the now and look ahead and know that if we stand firm, we will get through and we will make it to the other side.  Be tough!  When the going gets tough, the tough get going!

If all we have is standing up on the inside to be tough, it is something.  It is a start to taking your power back!   

Peace and Blessings!



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