Are You an Achiever or a Dreamer!

10 Tips to Reveal Your Can-Do Attitude!

Empowerment Post!

I want take some time to empower you in another way besides talking about abuse.  I hope this is helpful to you. 

Hello my friend,

I want take some time to empower you in another way besides talking about abuse.  I hope this is helpful to you.   

There is a fine line that separates achievers from dreamers!  What is that fine line?  

Achievers have a can-do attitude that sets them apart from mere dreamers.  Achievers are sold out to success – no matter what it takes and they are willing to pay the price of success!  

Can-Do Attitude….10 Tips to Reveal.   

1.  Say no to your helplessness:  

Can-do people do not focus on the problem, they aggressively pursue a solution.  Rather than wallowing in helplessness they uncover creative solutions others never even try to find.  Can-do leaders diligently search and overcome the obstacles in front of them.   

2.  Become Fearless:  

Can-do people are fearless.  They don’t wait; they initiate.  They go straight to the source of the solution.  They wrestle a problem to the ground expecting to solve the problem.   

3.  No whining allowed:  

Can-do people are not complainers.  They guard their minds and their mouths against negativity because it does not serve them well and it brings others down.  They recognize that it is a waste of their time and energy.   

4.  Walk in someone else’s shoes:  

Can-do people empathize with others.  They do their best to see any situation through the other person’s eyes in order to make the best decisions. 

5.  Nurture your passion:  

Can-do people love what they do because they’ve learned how to fuel the fire that keeps them moving.  The person with passion does not have to be the smartest, nor the person with the advantages in resources and position.  They have the God given passion that is immune to burnout!   

6.  Go the extra mile: 

Can-do people set expectations for themselves that are higher than what others expect.  Others settle for an acceptable solution while can-do people are not satisfied until they have achieved what others can’t even imagine.   

7.  Take Action:  

Can-do people take massive action.  The perfect moment when all is safe and assured may never come, so why wait for it?  Others become crippled by worry, fear and anxiety while can-do people put the pedal to the metal.   

8.  Don’t sweat the small stuff:  

Can-do people deal well with change.  They accept change and look at it in a positive way and don’t get caught complaining about the unexpected curve ball.   

9.  Finish what you start:  

Can-do people follow through to the end when they start something.  They are self-starters with the capacity to finish what they started.   

10.  Expect a return as a result of your commitment.  

Can-do people make an all-out commitment with a can-do attitude and expect a return. Their passionate commitment is contagious, and committed leaders will reap rewards and find open doors as others are drawn to their excitement and energy.  

You have greatness in you, become an achiever of your dreams!  

Peace and Blessings, 


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